The key benefits of such programs are that healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive. At Right Path Fitness we can offer advise and guidance ranging from answering simple questions and providing relevant information to your employees, to advising them on more complex matters such as healthy eating and diet within the workplace and beyond, fitness education, and advising on your company’s gym and fitness facilities and provisions. Employees are of course the most valuable asset to your company – so make sure you look after them in the best way possible!

In case you’re still in any doubt, here’s a quick summary of the main benefits for employers in providing a wellness programme:

  • They provide your company with strategic advantages by enabling you to invest money in a program that will hopefully bring you lowered expenses in return, often in the form of more productive workers, lower absenteeism and reduced health-care costs.
  • By providing your workers with these services, you are likely to improve their overall well-being and job satisfaction, as well as raise your employee retention rates, as happens with many companies who offer such programmes. The welfare of your employees will have a direct impact on the success of your company – so it’s important to do everything you can to ensure their health and state of mind is as good as possible!
  • Every employee you have has some sort of health risk to varying degrees, whether that risk comes from unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or sleep, drinking and smoking too much; or even some kind of genetic condition that they might have. Implementing a wellness programme can help make positive changes happen, and may well enable your employees to be able to complete their job responsibilities more efficiently, feel more energised and have more vigor for the job and generally be able to work more efficiently and more productively for your company.
  • Another great benefit of corporate wellness programs is that they can create a greater sense of camaraderie amongst your workers. You and your employees can experience activities together that aren’t related to work, such as team games or sports, having lunch together through a healthy eating plan that we put together for you, or by going to the gym together as a coherent group. Social support is proven to be a very important part of weight loss and getting fit; with that in mind – by ensuring that your employees work together more, they’ll have others to give them encouragement when needed, as well as be more accountable to each other!
  • As an added bonus, your employees will be more motivated by seeing first-hand each other’s positive results. This is often the reason why corporate wellness programmes are so effective!

To find out more about how we can help you with corporate wellness and how our programmes can benefit you and your company, and to book a free, no-obligation 30-min consultancy session, simply emailwith details of your company and contact details, and we’ll give you all the advice you need.

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